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Best discotheques (disco) on Rimini’s coast

For many tourists, the town of Rimini with its coastline running along the shore of Adriatic Sea is primarily associated with a large number of discotheques. And do not be surprised, when you see them at every step. So, vacationers can spend every night in an enthusiastic entertaining ambience! Especially during peak season i.e. from mid-June to late August, clubs are open almost throughout the week (until mid-June, nightclubs usually admit guests only on Fridays or Saturdays).

For entry to a discotheque, you need to spend about 10 to 20 EURO. The price usually includes a complimentary drink. Additional drinks will cost you about 5 to 10 EURO and "shots" - about 3 EURO. Each club has its own website, it would be helpful to visit their webpage beforehand and know about forthcoming events; though you may also obtain information about discotheques at your hotel. Let us review some of the most popular clubs and discotheques on the coast of Rimini in more detail.

Disco Baia Imperiale, Rimini, Italy

 1  Baia Imperiale

This is one of the leading discotheques here. The main entrance alone impresses everyone: white marble staircase surrounded by three-meter-high statues of Roman emperors. Two obelisks, seven meters in height, encompass a fountain, crowned with a majestic bronze statue of Neptune. The same mystic atmosphere reigns even inside too. There are 5 halls and song selection here is so wide-ranging that everyone will be pleased. If you are tired of music, you can proceed to “Caesars’ Terrace” and enjoy the sea view and the entire Adriatic coast. Audience here are adults (above 17 years) including, men, women and partygoers.

To reach to the club, you have to use local conveyance: take bus No.11, and then at Riccione change to bus No.125 or take a special disco-bus from the railway station of Riccione or Cattolica. In any case, those staying in the centre of Rimini, have to travel a long way.

Entry fee here is 20 EURO (price includes free cocktail). But then, the discotheque is worth it, and you must visit at least once!

Disco Coconuts, Rimini, Italy

 2  Coconuts

The beachside club is located right in the heart of Rimini and accordingly local residents find it very convenient to reach here. One half of the club is sky-open, while the second half is roof-covered. There are 2 dancing halls in the night restaurant, where modern Latin-American music and hip-hop are played. Sizzling female dancers near DJ console rejuvenate the mood of visitors. Here reigns an atmosphere full of fun and celebration without any artificiality. Audience here comes from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

You don’t have to pay anything to enter this beachside discotheque! On one hand - it's excellent, on the other - it is highly jam-packed.

 3  Carnaby

One of the most popular dance clubs among foreigners, school-goers and students from different countries of the world; it is open on evenings from March to October. Three floors are allotted to Discotheque and each floor plays different kinds of music. The club is located at a distance of 150 meters from the coast, in the midst of hangout life.

But if you are staying in a remote area away from the centre, you have to travel by bus that runs along the coast.

Entry fee 15-20 EURO (price includes complimentary drink).

Disco Velvet, Rimini, Italy

 4  Velvet

You can not only dance the night away, but also can enjoy a delicious pizza. The music here is very diverse, suitable even for the most discerning listener. The building is spacious and includes 3 large halls and 2 stages. There is a lake nearby, if someone gets bored with dancing on the dance floor, he can sit quietly by the waterside. Majority of regular customers to Velvet are young people, aged 20 and above.

And here you need to get to the club either by car or from Rimini station by disco-bus, which runs every hour.

You have to pay 15 EURO towards entry (includes cocktail).

 5  Life

This club is not so big; there are 2 halls, and popular hits are played in one hall, while in the other one - r & b, hip-hop and rap. This discotheque is popular among young people, those, who are 16 or older visit here. The interior is simple but tastefully furnished: You can sit inside the hall at bar and tables or outdoors - there is also a place to relax.

It won’t take you long to reach this place, located close to the centre of Rimini; Life club can be reached by bus.

Entry fee varies depending upon invited guests and events, but on average it is 10 to 12 EURO (includes complimentary drink).

Disco Altromondo, Rimini, Italy

 6  Altromondo

The club's name, if translated from Italian reads “The other world”, which is very apt to describe this place. The ambience here is a world full of fantasy, fun and excitement. The discotheque attracts fans of modern electronic music trends. Basically, it is a popular hangout for youth.

Location of the club can be considered exotic - it is close to the airport, buses do not run at nights; however, the club has its own transport. You can also take a taxi.

Price: about 15 EURO (includes a cocktail).

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