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Distinguishing features of tourist zones in Rimini

The resort town of Rimini is situated on the Adriatic coast. Its sandy beaches stretch as long as to 15 kilometres. Not surprisingly, hordes of tourists take evening strolls along seafront as you have where to move around in this Italian town. You will be truly delighted to see the expansive beaches, the most sizzling discotheques, old architectural monuments, artistic masterpieces and many other attractions.

Tourist districts

Owing to its spread, the coastline of Rimini is divided into six tourists “zones”. If you have arrived here to bask on sand and swim in sea, your place of accommodation does not make a big difference. Moreover, at any time, you can take a bus to the city centre and back. Let us analyse the pros and cons of staying in each “zone” (their location is shown on the map).

 1  Rimini Centre, Bellariva, San Giuliano Mare

As compared to other districts, it would be more expensive to stay here. Although the city centre is very enticing, it is the "hottest" tourist spot along the coast, the most attractive location, ideally suited for evening walks, sightseeing tours, shopping, discotheques and other forms of entertainment. The seafront of San Giuliano Mare has the finest fish restaurants, bars and cafes, and the prices are quite reasonable. You can also take a walk along the seaside pier of Rimini, and after turning onto the street Del Fante, you get a glimpse of an amazing structure i.e. a fisherman's hut, fully lined with seashells. There is also a lighthouse of 30 meters high, built in 18th century and a 200 meters long pier. Malatesta Temple, the Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, “the House of Surgeon” - this is not the complete list of historically and architecturally interesting places located in this area.
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Beach at Miramare, Rimini, Italy

 2  Miramare, Rivazzurra, Marebello

These districts are in the southern part of Rimini and are very popular destinations among vacationers. All thanks to their convenient geographical location they are considered as suburbs. They are well connected to the city centre. The prominent resort Riccione is also very close to them. Beaches here are wide; besides all the time you have some sort of activity going on in Marebello including folk music festivals, water games, wine tasting, etc. You can, to your heart’s content, ride on water slides, and enjoy parade in the evenings. An excellent location for family holidaying.
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 3  Rivabella

Beach at Rivabella, Rimini, Italy

This district is located in the northern part of Rimini. On one hand, it is very close to the city centre (within two kilometres), which significantly saves both money and travel time, but on the other hand i.e. especially when bathing, you don’t have adequate space to "move around" because an artificial stone wall is built near to the shore, which serves as protection against waves. The main entertainments include “smooth dance evenings”, bowling on sand and tasting of local alcoholic beverages. Moreover, this district has two springs, and their water is said to possess vital medicinal properties.
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Beach in Viserba, Rimini, Italy

 4  Viserba, Viserbella

This is one of the most sought-after districts for evening strolls along the seafront. At that time, movement of vehicles is blocked, and visitors enjoy total freedom of movement! The seafront has a large number of shops and so, there is no need to travel far for a pleasant shopping. The most important tourist attraction in this area is “Italy in Miniature”.
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 5  Torre Pedrera

It is a cost-effective option for budget traveller. This area is quite far away from the centre (about seven kilometres), though there are not many attractions here, and nothing special - just a two-kilometre long beach and a real "chill out" in pizzerias, restaurants and local boutiques.
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 6  Bellaria, Igea Marina

These are "northernmost" areas. People, who are tired of busy city life, enjoy their holidays here. Villages are small, peaceful and their landscapes are very beautiful and serene. Moreover, accommodation here is cheapest on the coast. However, it is not convenient to get to the centre of Rimini as one-way trip takes about an hour. But there is something interesting to see in the very Bellaria i.e. “Shellfish festival of Sangiovese”.
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Useful to know

1. Beaches. In the north of Rimini, the sea is quieter as there is protection against waves. This is absent in the city centre and in the southern part including Miramare, Rivazzurra, and Marebello.

2. Prices. Most expensive will be the accommodation in the centre or in buildings with direct access to sea. More reasonable, though not less comfortable option is to stay in hotels located in remote areas or in the second lane.

3. Sightseeing and amusements: make sure to visit the centre! At every turn, you find fascinating architectural buildings, historical monuments, museums, shops and discotheques - all that a vacationer requires for a holiday. Most "serene" areas are Viserba, Viserbella, Torre Pedrera and Bellaria.

4. Holidaymakers recommend that if you plan to stay in the centre of Rimini, then, based on reviews, you should be more particular to look for hotels such as: National Hotel (4 star), Le Rose Suite (4 star), Stresa (3 star).

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