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Holidaying in Rimini

Marina Centro beach in Rimini

Rimini is justifiably christened as the centre of Romagnola Riviera. It is a major beach resort town on the shores of Adriatic Sea with a population of 150 thousand people. The coastal line of Rimini is almost 15 kilometres long gradually spanning across smaller towns and settlements. You can find both city and intercity buses plying regularly along the coast; so, it is much easier and convenient to move around Rimini by public transport. Moreover, you can travel within the city as well as to nearby towns by train, and every settlement along the coast has a railway station.

Rimini was presumably founded in 268 BC. One can see a bridge in the city centre, which according to historians was built about 2,000 years ago; the bridge is well maintained and still in public use. Many buildings in the town are also being preserved since the same period.

This resort town is extremely popular among holidaymakers from around the globe. Every year a large number of travellers from Europe, Russia, China, and even America visit this resort town. Most of these countries have already started operating direct flights to Rimini.

Employees at several cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and places of entertainment not only speak Italian, but also English and even Russian. One can see most of street signs written in Russian and English besides Italian.

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