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Ideal time to visit Rimini

View from the hotel to the beach, Rimini, Italy

While planning a trip to Rimini, you need to know certain main things about this city:
1. Second half of June, July and all of August are considered the ideal time for sea swimming (peak season).
2. August is the most expensive and most sought-after month, life does not stop here for a minute and buses run around the clock.
3. Starting from the first Saturday of July and until late August, you get seasonal discounts on all clothing. In the early weeks, you can find very beautiful and good things truly at very low prices.
4. Towards the end of May, you can find tourists, who are hardly worried about the water being not very warm.
5. September is somewhat similar to June, though it is windy in the evenings here, so carry a couple of knitted jackets, you need them even otherwise.

Summer discounts at Rimini (seasonal sale) in 2024: July 6, 2024 - August 25, 2024.
Summer discounts at Rimini (seasonal sale) in 2025: July 5, 2025 - August 31, 2025.

What follows from this all, the ideal period for a vacation in Rimini is from the beginning of July to the end of August. In July, you can save some money on buying clothes and your stay at hotels, and in August, you can have fun throughout night. You got to choose!

Pink Night, Rimini, Italy

Important summer festival: Pink Night in Rimini

Every year during the first weekends of July, Pink night is celebrated along the entire Adriatic coast. These two nights are full of frenetic entertainments, young people from all the surrounding regions of Italy gather here. If you are young - you will be thrilled by this event.

Pink Night in Rimini in 2024: July 5, 2024 - July 7, 2024.
Pink Night in Rimini in 2025: July 4, 2025 - July 6, 2025.

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