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Places of interest in Rimini

On this webpage, we have endeavoured to describe you about the places of interest and things to do in Rimini. Unquestionably, at first, the information provided here would be useful to tourists, who are on their maiden visit to Rimini, but then again, we believe that even seasoned travellers will find something new.

In the first place, we recommend you to visit the historic centre of Rimini. The map displays the most prominent and frequently visited places such as Three Martyrs Square, Piazza Cavour, the Arch of Augustus, Malatesta Temple and the Tiberius Bridge.

Three Martyrs Square, Rimini, Italy

 1  Three Martyrs Square / Piazza Tre Martiri
This square stands tall since the times of ancient Roman Empire, when it housed the city community forum. It is believed that Gaius Julius Caesar used this square to address his troops before crossing the river Rubicon. During the Second World War, three young men were ostentatiously executed here, and the square was named in their honour. On the square stand the Clock Tower/Torre dell'Orologio, erected in XVI century and a small church dedicated to St. Anthony.

 2  Piazza Cavour / Piazza Cavour
Three palaces epitomize the historical importance of this Square: Palazzo Garampi (presently it houses the Municipality), Palazzo del Arengo and Palazzo del Podestà (the palace was originally meant for residence of elected city ruler). In the centre, there is a fountain called Pina, constructed during the Roman Empire period, and it has served as a source of drinking water in the city for long.

Arch of Augustus, Rimini, Italy

 3  Arch of Augustus / Arco di Augusto
The arch was named in the honour of the Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus and served as a gateway in the fortress walls. The arch erected in 27 BC is considered to be the most ancient Roman arch in Italy.

Malatesta Temple, Rimini, Italy

 4  Malatesta Temple / Tempio Malatestiano
Initially the cathedral was built under the direction of Sigismondo Malatesta, as a tomb for his clan. When Malatesta served as elected ruler of the city, and his dynasty became one of the most influential in Rimini, the construction began on a grand scale matching to his position. But after Malatesta was excommunicated in 1460, the work on cathedral was suspended. In 1809, Napoleon's troops desecrated the cathedral and destroyed it. Post liberation of Rimini, it was rebuilt and transferred to the city.

Tiberius Bridge, Rimini, Italy

 5  Tiberius Bridge / Ponte di Tiberio
The first Roman emperor began to construct Tiberius Bridge in the last year of his reign and his son Tiberius continued it. There is a tale about the construction of this bridge, according to which, after many unsuccessful attempts to complete the bridge, out of despair, Tiberius struck a deal with a devil. The crux of the deal: in return for the finished bridge, the devil can take away the soul of the first, who would pass over it. Obviously, it was assumed that the first person to cross would be the Emperor and that his soul will be the price for the completed bridge. But Tiberius deceived the Devil, after 7 years, by making a dog the first to cross over the fully-constructed bridge. The devil, betrayed by the act of Emperor, became furious and tried to destroy it, but failed, leaving only the potholes in the form of hoof on one of the stone slabs. Astonishingly, the Tiberius Bridge, notwithstanding the passage of substantial time period, is still used for its intended purpose.

Regrettably, the buses do not enter the historical centre of Rimini and to reach there, you need to exit from Rimini’s central railway station and walk a little further. A map at the start of the webpage will provide you all the required information.

Park Italy in Miniature, Rimini, Italy
Park Italy in Miniature, Rimini, Italy

The second unique place that merits your attention is  6  the Park “Italy in Miniature” (Italia in miniature). Many tourists arrive at Rimini just to visit “Italy in Miniature”. The park is spread across more than 80 thousand square meters; its contours replicate the shape of Italian boots. As the name speaks for itself, you may be already guessing what awaits you inside - to be precise, there are more than 270 miniature copies of historical, architectural and natural monuments of Italy grouped together in one place. Only here, you can ride a gondola through Venice, stay close to the famous volcano Etna, admire the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and more just in one day. To children and teenagers, the park offers a huge variety of amusement rides and fascinating events. Monorail running through the park is intended for those who cannot or do not like to walk. Entry to the park is not free, and on an average, it will cost about 20 EURO. You can obtain detailed information about the opening hours and the cost of entry tickets on the official website. Get to the park by bus No.8. More details about bus routes on the webpage “Public transport”.

Many tourists come here holidaying with children, and for the latter, we know, holiday means fun! Therefore, we have listed amusement parks in important destinations. The most prominent among them are Mirabilandia, Oltremare, Aquafan and Fiabilandia.

Mirabilandia, Rimini, Italy

 7  Mirabilandia is considered to be one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. With a total area of 850,000 square meters, it is split into 7 zones spread with theme rides and aqua zone. The most popular rides are iSpeed (roller coaster, built like a Ferrari car), Phobia (not just a chamber, but a whole house of horror), Eurowheel (90 meter-high Ferris wheel), Niagara (a mini coach with people descends into water from a height of 27 meters at 70 km/h, raising a huge wave). In addition to these rides catering to every taste and age, various shows are also conducted in the park. Mirabilandia is located between Rimini and Ravenna. You can reach there by a suburban train plying from Rimini to Ravenna, disembark at Lido di Savio, and take free shuttle that runs regularly from the station up to the Park’s main entrance.

Parks Oltremare and Aquafan, Rimini, Italy

 8  Parks Oltremare and Aquafan are close to each other, and you can buy a single-entry pass for both. Aquafan is a water theme park with numerous water rides, swimming pools and other water-theme funs, while Oltremare is famous for its Dolphinarium and 3D cinema theatre. You can reach there by bus No. 51 from Rimini railway station (or bus No. 58 from Riccione railway station).

Fiabilandia, Rimini, Italy

 9  Fiabilandia is a fabulous paradise for kids. The park is divided into four theme zones - Castle of the magician Merlin, Lake of Dreams, Darling Peter Pan, Far West, and is mainly meant for kids. You can reach there by bus No. 11 running along the coast, and disembark at stop No. 27.

We advise you to check the opening hours of all the parks and entry fees on the official websites: Mirabilandia, Oltremare, Aquafan and Fiabilandia.

San Marino, Italy

The last destination in our list, though not the final in value for many tourists, includes a visit to one of the smallest independent states i.e.  10  San Marino. Every year millions of travellers come here from all over the world. To get to this lovely town, you can catch a regular bus that departs from Rimini’s central railway station. It is enough to spend half a day to fully explore the whole town.

If you want to know about shopping, sightseeing tours or top discotheques in Rimini, then take a look at the webpages devoted to these topics.

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